Octopus Muscle Technique

Picture by Octopus Project

Eastern days are over - time to blog again! Today we got something exiting new: The Octopus IP is a "soft robot", that uses a principle derived from the muscles of an octopus. It's made of rubber and strings - and it looks extremely sleek. The research for the Octopus Project is funded by the 7th FP of the EU. But, yeah. It should be also possible to assemble this at home for the freaks!

The final robotic octopus prototype will be capable of locomotion on different substrates, of squeezing into small apertures, of dextrous manipulation by coordinating the eight arms, of anchoring in order to exert forces on external environment; of controlling a flexible structure with virtually infinite DOFs.

Just look at this!


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The Sea Robot Of Love - Demos from Orange

This may be a little bit off topic, but nevertheless is quite inspiring. I just found this 14 year (!!) old demo from Orange. It is an 64k intro and has really interesting graphical effects as well as a special message for all the robots out there.

Orange - The Sea Robot Of Love (1995)

This is the follow up from 1996:

Orange - You am I You am the Robot (1996)

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Bausteln - Grassroots DIY starting in Germany

A new initative, similar to the Webmontag, has started in Germany. Participants meet freely to show and discuss things they make and do. They call the "next big thing" Bausteln.

bausteln.de wants to give you the knowledge and the methods, to re-invent the things around you, to re-create them and to add intelligence to the things around you: do your own machines, robots and artworks of the future!

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Mind-reading machine

And when I say "machine", I mean a huge apparatus, where a person is put into, in order to get his mind read. Brilliant, isn't it?

More seriously: This machine analyses brainwaves to reconstruct pictures, that the test-persons have in mind. It is still at very early stages, but the first results seem to really work. Of course, everybody now is thinking of total control of human, but also dream-replay. I'll bet in the end everything will turn out different, than we think of now.


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Hyungkoo Lee: Korean artists with body-modifications

This is art. Human body, modifications - no metal parts. No robots. But, nevertheless really interesting works. This works are showing for me, that modification is a natural and integrated part of robots design - so natural, that we even do not think about it after all.

Objectuals is the name of this series from Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee. They are objects, that allow to modify the human body in an optical way. Although only "harmless" (in the real sense of the word-meaning) modifications were made, using optical effects, water and vacuum, the bodies look scary, alien and maybe disgusting. A mixture of nightmare, jewellery, mutation and disguise. If we would meet them and they would be robots, would we like them?

Artist self-portrait


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Comic: If I was a robot

Don't know the origin, unfortunately. If you know, whom to credit, please leave a comment, thanks!


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New Rescue Robot with a special "step"design

This rescue robot has an really interesting design. It is meant to rescue people out of debris. His design can make him lift heavy things, but the speciality lies in his special form. The robot got "steps" at the front. Step-by-step movement and the lifting-platform let the robot easily navigate in the area of operation.


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