Papillon Solar-Air-Bot

Summer is approaching, and robots will also get sunny. Gareth from the Let's make robots community build a nice small Papillon solar-bot for subtile robot-garden pleasures.

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Reach: Lovely Robot Short Movie

Dear lord, it's another robot day! Made by Luke Randall.

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Gibsons auto-tuning Robot Guitar

Traditional guitar manufacturer Gibson made a "robot update" on its guitars. The so called "Robot Guitar" is practical and also fun to look at. Give the strings a go, and the guitar will tune itself automatically. You can also select various "open tuning" scales and set the master-tone as well.

Playing along the radio or with other musicians should be seamless possible with that one. At least, who have thought, Gibson computerized its guitars?

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Chi Chi Cyborg: Annoying robot story

Well, okay. Robots can be annoying. Especially if they are discriminated by their lack of sense of taste.


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The Path of the Roomba

Roomba dust-cleaning robot is not only practical at home. This long time exposure of a Roomba in action shows the - let's name it - mystical side of the robot. Signaltheorist took a Roomba, closed all doors, shut off the lights and made a picture of the robot in action for 30 minutes. Egypt and pyramids anyone? Or better star-system and galaxy-maps?


Tags: roomba, living-with-robots, mystic, movement, indoor
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Treadmills: Extend Locomotion?

I found this brillant illustration at the always good blog Drawn. It is a concept art from Jake Parker, instantly giving new ideas for robot-inventions. Build vehicles for locomoting robots? No problem. Extending area of movement, i.e. for wavy and stoney paths? Why not.

Tags: locomotion, treadmill, art, inspiration, cartoon
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Neural Issue 32: Machine affection

Quick notice: The recent issue of the neural-magazine (well, it's printed down on paper) features arts, related to machines and robots. Unfortunately the information given at the website, aren't that much, so we have to go to a kiosk and hope to get an issue of it. Meanwhile we read a little at we-make-money-not-art on the things features there.

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