Gundam Giant Robot is ready to take over Tokyo!

Good. This here was a work in progress, now they have a completely finished Gundam RX-78 robot standing somewhere in a Tokyo-suburb. Oh yes, we are somehow jealous, although we had big robots last year.

See more pictures of this impressive robot at Pink Tentacle.


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Don Solos minimalist Lego-Robots

Pictures by Don Solo himself, taken from his [flickr-account](

New Lego-Minimalists are on its way (i.e. look here). Don Solo also makes wise use of Lego-parts, to fulfil the objects he has in mind, using only some parts. Just look at this nice expressive robots he build.

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Wolfram Alpha features resistor codes

Well, this are fine news for people tinkering with stuff. The still new search-engine Wolram Alpha will make any kind of reference book obsolete. The now also translate resistor codes.

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Cosplay is coming to Germany

"Cosplay" is coming to Germany. Geeky fan-art culture, that seems to be very popular, especially for girls and young woman.

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Gundam RX-78: Giant Robot in the City of Tokyo - Odaiba

Odaiba is some sort of shopping, tourist and leisure part of Tokyo and soon waiting with another attraction for the world-visitors. Right at the moment they build a 18 meter high "Gundam RX-78" robot, with a weight of 35 tons, in order to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the robot-anime TV-series.

Wikipedia hold some information about the series, and there is always a lot of things to learn. The Gundam for example are Real Robots, in opposition to Super Robots. This means, that they are close to reality, and for example need maintenance on a regular basis and do not have unrealistic super-weapons. Leaving us with this question behind: What will happen to the giant Gundam robot in Tokyo in the near future? Will it get really to life on some day?


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MonkeyLectric Video Bike

Whooho. Forget tuned-up cars! The present is driving bicycles with MonkeyLectric wheels. Just like my colleague at Doktorsblog, I want to drive with this bike through the night of Cologne, my slogan would be:

I want to drive my bicycle. Try to do this on paper.

Maybe something less silly, maybe not. What would you nightdrive, and where? Just spread the word.


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Self-made 130-Megapixel scanner camera!

Oh boy, simple ideas can drive outstanding results. A Japanese amateur photographer named Spyuge combined an Epson flatbed scanner with a Canon manual-focus lens. Voila, result is an extremely high resolution scanner-camera thingy. The resolution of each picture is about 13,068 x 10,173 pixels!

Good, taking a picture with that device would take some time, but for a special-armed robot agent maybe a good idea. Uhm, I think more of making scientific scans from the surface of foreign planets than exploring the private life of your neighbours. ;)

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