Robot-Soccer lecture at Dingfabrik / Cologne

Tonight will be a lecture about robot-soccer at the Dingfabrik in Cologne. The speech is held by Benedikt Sierck from the Team PALB, the German vize-world-champignionship winner fame. They are located the c-palb lab.


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Mindplotter from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

It's been a while since out last post. This time we post a little bit of mystic robotic violence. The name is "Mindplotter", made by Polynoid


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Evolution of the Chess Computer

Cartoon by Tom Gauld.


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Decoded Conference München

I am happy to announce the "Decoded-Conference" in October in Munich. It is a "conference for code and design" with the focus on the gap between generative art/design and hardware/electronic tinkering. In the speakerslist included is Massimo Banzi, CTO from and one of the Arduino-founders and other really cool people.

Location is the "Freiheizhalle München", and that is a funny name for a hall. Date: 23. October 2010.


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Robodonien Cologne

Robodinien is the (until now) biggest festival for robots and art in Germany. From the 10. - 13. September 2010 the third "Robodonien" will open its door and showcase mostly bots made from metal with a good dose of art and cyberpunk. The festival-program is framed with a nice music program. Kids are welcome, too. So why not come to Cologne?

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Bochum Welt - Robotic Operating Buddy

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Funny Drawing-Arm Robot

Uh, I just found this on YouTube. This evidentially homebrewed prototype of a drawing robot is looking so funny. It is just, because it looks almost scary human-like in its motions. But like a extremely clumsy (or drunken) one.

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